Huracán welcome back a legend

Following the resignation of Héctor Rivoira from the Huracán bench on Monday, the Parque Patricios club have moved swiftly to find a replacement. They announced on Monday that they’d given a contract to Miguel Ángel Brindisi, just over eight years after his last match in charge of El Globo. The 20th September was club president Carlos Babington’s 61st birthday, and he evidently wanted to make sure it ended happily even if Rivoira was going to leave against his will.

Babington and Brindisi were team-mates in the team that won the 1973 Torneo Metropolitano, and the former will officially present the latter to the press as the club’s new manager at midday on Tuesday. ‘I wanted to bring Brindisi in because we all know what his qualities are as a manager, and what he means for the fans and for the history of this club,’ Babington stated after the two hour meeting on Monday evening in which the contract was agreed. ‘I know him very well; there’s no need for me to ask him what his idea is of how the team should be formed.’ Babington had already offered Brindisi the job at the end of November last year, but at the time Brindisi had an offer from the Middle East and wanted to see what came of it. The offer fell through after Rivoira had accepted the job, but now Huracán have their president’s original choice all the same.

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