Estudiantes beat Boca and Argentinos win at last

Argentinos Juniors' squad celebrate a win, at last

After last week’s contrasting results, in which Estudiantes lost to All Boys and Boca convincingly beat Colón, the celebrations switched on Saturday when Estudiantes beat Boca 1-0 thanks to a Marcos Rojo strike in only the first minute of a lively game. Earlier in the day, champions Argentinos Juniors had claimed their first win of the season by the same scoreline against Banfield. Elsewhere Lanús beat All Boys to bring them back down to earth after last week’s brilliant win, and after Independiente’s win yesterday, another of the sides who lost their manager earlier in the week won; Colón, who broke San Lorenzo’s unbeaten streak so far this season thanks partly to a controversially disallowed goal for the visitors. All the goals are right here.

Argentinos Juniors 1 – 0 Banfield

Estudiantes de La Plata 1 – 0 Boca Juniors

Lanús 1 – 0 All Boys

Colón 2 – 0 San Lorenzo de Almagro

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5 thoughts on “Estudiantes beat Boca and Argentinos win at last

  1. and that’s it, no more invictos left!
    And it’s getting even more crowded in the top half of the table especially if Newell’s gets the better of Arse. Sunday is going to be a good day…

    1. Hi icho/ich0/mike – one small thing. First-time commenters always have their comments held for approval until I’ve read them – it’s to make sure the blog doesn’t get spammed. If you always stick to the same details (spelling of your name and your email address) when submitting your comment, it’ll appear right away, since you’re a regular commenter.

      I only mention this because this one got held for a few hours as you hadn’t previously spelled your username like that.

    1. Yeah – sorry for the lack of interview translation today but Flash decided to stop working as usual whilst I was making this post, meaning I wasn’t actually able to watch any of the videos, just had to embed them and publish…

  2. Johnny’s weekly Boca update:
    An ugly and dissapointing performance from Boca as they lose to Estudiantes 1-0. Estudiantes completely dominated Boca, much more than the final score would indicate. Boca was outplayed, outcoached and manhandled. Midfield was a disaster for Boca with particularly Chavez and Erbes seeming to be boys amoung men. Boca’s attack, such as it was, was limited to long passes upfield which rarely found slow and slower Palermo and Viatri. Braña was especially strong for Estudiantes, with he and his companions continually frustrating impotent Boca.

    It seems to me Borghi was slow to accept that Palermo and Viatri were going to have little impact in a match such as this. I was screaming for idiot Mouche even before the end of the first period. If your attack is going to be one longball after another, then best to have someone upfield with at least some pace and creativity (idiot or no). But, Mouche didn’t come on until near the 70 minute mark.

    Not many positives to point to save for good performances from Medel, Caruzzo and Lucchetti, who were able to keep Estudiantes margin from ballooning. On the other hand, Insaurralde was in a fog all match, and the aforementioned Chavez and Erbes nonentities.

    Back to the Bichi drawing board.

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