Copa Sudamericana 2010: Independiente go through amidst chaotic scenes

Last night, Independiente eliminated Defensor Sporting of Uruguay from the Copa Sudamericana in a dramatic match. The visitors from across the Río De La Plata took the lead on the night early on, and thanks to their 1-0 victory in the home leg, Independiente were obliged to score three times, which they did before the match was even half an hour old. A further goal apiece in the second half saw the match finish 4-2, for El Rojo to win 4-3 on aggregate. Independiente might not, though, be allowed to play in the Estadio Libertadores de América for the rest of the competition, after Defensor goalkeeper Martín Silva was hit by an object thrown from the crowd, leading to an open head wound in spite of which he finished the match. You can see the goals right here (and quite a lot of blood, I’ll warn in case you’re squeamish).

Copa Sudamericana 2010, round of 16 second leg: Independiente 4 – 2 Defensor Sporting (URU)

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One thought on “Copa Sudamericana 2010: Independiente go through amidst chaotic scenes

  1. Looks like El Turco done lit a fire.

    I wish CFK would propose a law that any fan caught throwing an object on the field would be taken out back and shot by Hugo Moyano, or his son. Not likely to happen, no ?

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