Cappa steps down as River Plate manager

After much speculation, Ángel Cappa has left River Plate as manager in a situation that’s being reported as a resignation, but which he says is a sacking. After directing Monday afternoon’s practice session, Cappa met with club directors, and president Daniel Passarella asked for his resignation so that a new manager can be named in time for next Tuesday’s superclásico clash with Boca Juniors. Cappa is River’s second-shortest serving manager of the last decade, having been in charge for only 18 matches – not even a whole short torneo. Not quite as bad as Reinaldo Merlo, who in his most recent spell was manager for just 15 games. The favourite to replace Cappa is former Independiente boss Américo Gallego.

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11 thoughts on “Cappa steps down as River Plate manager

  1. Who would have thought a few months ago that Cappa would get the early heave ho ? A real surprise he struggled as much as he did. Given some of his apoplectic explosions you have to wonder if his questionable decision making was a result of stress.

    As an example, why was Funes Mori on the bench yesterday until the 68th minute ?

    1. Borghi’s been saying stuff like this all season. It’s obviously reaching fever pitch now with Cappa leaving and the super looming, but it is odd isn’t it. It now seems like he’ll definitely be staying, but I wonder why he keeps saying such things so publicly, given that he seems an otherwise reasonable chap, and that it’s obviously having an effect on the team.

      1. So true Sam, and really the only negative that I can see regarding Borghi’s personality. Talking frequently about bolting has never been on the list of things a coach/manager should indulge in. You have to wonder if he has had regrets about taking the job from the very beginning.

  2. Gallego would be a good choice. He’s not only a former Independiente DT, but also had spells with River Plate and Newell’s Old Boys, all of whom he won championships with. (OK, so his most resent stint with Los Diablos Rojos wasn’t so successful, but look at what he was working with.)

    Question is, with the current situation at River, is he going to be willing to take the post?

    1. The most recent reports (i.e. more recent than your comment David, so this isn’t a dig, merely a late answer) suggest that if Gallego is offered the post, he’ll turn it down (all this and more on my Twitter feed, readers!).

  3. Does anyone have Juan Manuel Llop’s phone number? Scruffy unemployed tecnicos are bad choices nowadays, maybe a bald guy should be brought in, so River can try out an Ischia clone; kidding – Llop did manage to stabilize a flailing Barcelona de Guayaquil

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