Christoph Daum spotted at Huracán vs Colón

There’ll be much more detail on Friday evening’s match between Huracán and Colón – a 2-1 win for the visitors – after the weekend, but first, a curiosity photo, and an offer for any readers of very blurry German to come forward. Sitting two rows in front of a prestigious panel of journalists comprised of myself, Joel Richards and Jonathan Wilson at the match was former Stuttgart, Bayer Leverkusen and Fenerbahçe (among others) manager Christoph Daum, who appeared with a couple of associates to be on a scouting mission. Read on for the photo…

One of the players the men were clearly paying attention to was 19-year-old Huracán forward Luciano Nieto, and I was able to get this photograph (using a crappy compact camera’s digital zoom, since I’m afraid to take my decent camera into the stadia here) of Daum’s right-hand man’s notes. If anyone can read German, and take a guess at what this says, please leave a comment or send an email via the contact page.

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Please note the photo is © me. Feel free to link back to this page, but don’t reproduce it anywhere. Ta.

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2 thoughts on “Christoph Daum spotted at Huracán vs Colón

  1. sam i really hope u hav settled in well out there, but can’t believe things have not improved on the thug front & muggings no one should be scared to take their belongings to a game, what are the police doin. i know they can’t be everywhere but at least clamp down on it. From what i gather they are scared to even go into some areas of the ground (populares) is that right??? pictures aren’t so bad with ur crappy camera keep up the good work. I guess i was lucky when i went to boca’s games i took my video camera but managed to come away unscathed and also to a river game (boca was with a hostel grp but the river game i went on my own!!!)..last question are u goin to the super and how much u gotta pay??? i had to pay 400 pesos in 2008 but worth it to see boca win!!!!!

    Bring on tuesday

    vamos boca


    1. It’s not so much at the game Atul, it’s just that I’ve got a moderately expensive camera that looks like a very expensive camera, so I prefer not to risk it on the way to and from matches – inside the stadium it’d be fine.

      I won’t be at the super, the cheapest ticket I could find was AR$400, and that was for a popular!

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