Godoy Cruz qualify for 2011 Copa Libertadores

Godoy Cruz qualified for next year’s Copa Libertadores on Friday night with a 3-1 away win over Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata, and in so doing they’ll become the first team from the province of Mendoza ever to play in the Copa. Needing a draw to secure qualification, Godoy went ahead through Nico Sánchez early on, and although Antonio Rojano made it 1-1 before the break, a brilliant long-range effort from David Ramírez gave the visitors the advantage midway through the second half before Abel Masuero gave Godoy all three points with an own goal to make it 3-1 five minutes later. In the later match, Arsenal de Sarandí beat San Lorenzo 2-1. All the goals are right here.

Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata 1 – 3 Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba

Arsenal Fútbol Club 2 – 1 San Lorenzo de Almagro

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12 thoughts on “Godoy Cruz qualify for 2011 Copa Libertadores

  1. there seems to be alot of conflicting reports in the mendoza press and the buenos aires press re: godoy cruz classification. Diario Los Andes makes reference to Newells-Boca – Newell’s with a tie (one point) keeps them alive if indepiendiente loses the sudamericana final. Godoy Cruz losing the next 8 of 9 points available and Newell’s winning need 9 points.

    1. This was one of those three games Godoy Cruz that they had to lose to given Newell’s any hope for getting a qualification spot. As far as I understand it anyway.

      Good luck to Godoy, was quite an achievement.

    2. Mike, that’s true, but Newell’s qualifying won’t mean Godoy don’t. Godoy have qualified already, as have Estudiantes and (as Clausura champions) Argentinos Juniors. That leaves three spots to be decided – the Apertura winners (of course, that might also be Estudiantes), plus either the next three teams down the table, or the next two plus Independiente, if Independiente win the Copa Sudamericana.

    3. Diario Los Andes:

      Con el empate de Newell’s ante Boca, los mendocinos se aseguraban un lugar en la próxima edición del principal torneo continental de clubes, pero tras el gol de Rodríguez aún no puede festejar y necesitará solo de un punto en tres fechas para poder acceder a la Copa o bien que los rosarinos pierdan un punto de los 9 que quedan por jugarse.

      They are still insisting Godoy Cruz isn’t classified yet. The telecasters on Canal 7 still say “pie y medio” when referring to godoy cruz…
      I guess they are more informed than we are.

      1. Gah, I’ve been getting confused! I thought it was Apertura & Clausura champions, plus four. In fact it’s Apertura & Clausura champions, plus three. So yes, you’re right, Godoy Cruz do need one point more to be certain.

  2. Not quite true, Mr Morris. Newell’s (52 points) still have a chance to catch up to Velez (58 point,) and Independiente haven’t won the Sudamericana yet. Granted, the ways that La Lepra can be knocked out of the Libertadores Qualifying bracket far out number the ways they can qualify, but there is still hope.

    That said, in some ways I hope they don’t qualify. It will put less of a strain on the team’s budget, for one thing. Still, if we’re to get knocked out, I would prefer it to be from Los Diablos Rojos winning the Sudamericana title.

  3. hi all I’m a city boy Godoy Cruz Mendoza and I am grateful that you all speak so highly of my favorite team … thank you very much ……. and I hope it stays that way ….. Godoy Cruz thank you very much

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