Racing beat Gimnasia, and All Boys win again

Rubén Ramírez after being hit by Hugo Barrientos

Racing easily saw off Gimnasia La Plata with some very nice football on Friday evening, but the big story was in Floresta, where All Boys beat Banfield 2-1 and, in the last action of the match, visiting striker Rubén Ramírez challenged All Boys’ Hugo Barrientos a little too strongly for the latter’s taste, and the Albo midfielder responded with an elbow the face which left Ramírez covered in blood. An AFA sanction could well be on the way. You can see all the goals, as well as those from Olimpo’s and Arsenal de Sarandí’s 1-1 draw on Wednesday, right here.

Club Olimpo 1 – 1 Arsenal Fútbol Club

All Boys 2 – 1 Banfield

Racing Club 2 – 0 Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata

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One thought on “Racing beat Gimnasia, and All Boys win again

  1. yep, I would be pissed too if someone I capped came back and blurted out “boom! headshot” with an exquisito elbow.

    Islas Malvinas needs a new, proper field technician, that grid is curvy! Or maybe it’s like that to deceive the linesmen into calling out offsides more often jajjaja

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