Tevez wants to leave Manchester City

It’ll be on the back page on tomorrow’s News Of The World in the UK, but it’s all over Twitter right now: Carlos Tevez has reportedly handed in a written transfer request to Manchester City, citing Roberto Mancini’s negative playing style as one of his reasons for wanting out. Homesickness and an increasing disillusionment with football are other reasons. The revelation comes days after Tevez told newspapers, ‘I want to see out the remaining 3 1/2 years of my contract,’ in what now looks like a highly stage-managed press appearance.

When Tevez – suspended for today’s 3-1 win against his old club West Ham United – left Manchester United to travel across the city he cited his daughters’ education in Manchester as a major reason for his wanting to stay in the region, but the Argentine press have always taken for granted – and reported, without Tevez contradicting them – that his daughters have always lived in Buenos Aires with their mother. As well as that perhaps ill-advised manoeuvring, Tevez and compatriot Javier Mascherano also engineered their joint move away from Corinthians to West Ham after the 2006 World Cup by very publicly and deliberately falling out with the board. This latest move smacks of Tevez’s advisor Kia Joorabchian once again having too much of a say, but for those mutterings of early retirement.

This being Carlos Tevez, City will probably tie him down to a 20-year contract on £1million per week before Monday lunchtime, but for the next few days, don’t take anything for granted…

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6 thoughts on “Tevez wants to leave Manchester City

  1. i am heaeing reports man united made a shock move for tevez in revenge of the rooney saga and that why he hand in transfer and he wants to stay in manchester

  2. Hard to say what Carlitos will do. He is a most unpredictable fellow. Nothing would surprise me, from heading to Italy or Spain, retiring altogether or even returning to Boca (we would know his agent is out of influence if he returns to Boca).

  3. Tevez will return to Argentina. He doesn’t speak a word of English, so he has lived a rather hermit-like existence in the UK. Mascherano said that to see Carlos he would have to visit him, because Tevez would not leave his house.

    No matter how much money you pay someone, there is only so much time they can take living such an isolated existence.

  4. Tevez coming back to Argentina would be a win for the Kirchner government. More exposure of propaganda-K to curious tevez followers world-wide unable to see him on TV and reverting to watching veemi streams of Boca on TV Publica.

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