All Boys and Godoy Cruz end on a high

Mauro Matos celebrates a last-gasp equaliser from the spot

Obviously they couldn’t both win, but from a neutral point of view it almost felt that way on Friday evening as Godoy Cruz visited All Boys and, for the second Tomba match in a row since securing Copa Libertadores 2011 qualification, served up a partidazo ending in a draw. After taking a very early 2-0 lead, Godoy were pegged back to 2-1 midway through the first half, and then with almost the last kick of the match All Boys pulled it back to 2-2 with a penalty from Mauro Matos. It could’ve ended 6-6. The goals that were scored are right here.

All Boys 2 – 2 Godoy Cruz

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One thought on “All Boys and Godoy Cruz end on a high

  1. Looks like Godoy Cruz is going to have to revamp the defense “a la Boca”. Shame though, they are all still young, uruguayo Curbelo (injured) being the oldest at 29 (in a few days).
    Curbelo and Sigali are the main culprits, “the core” of the much heralded defense of yesteryear. Penalty or not, el oso Leo Sigali and co. has got to learn to make better decisions sooner rather than later, or else they will get mauled in the Copa’s later rounds with their recklessness. If there was such a thing as +/- error count like in ice hockey (which in all opinion is a very interesting sport statistics-wise like baseball) Sigali would be -13 (±1 per goal participated in for/against). Sigali always seems to fighting from behind the attacking playing, and ends up either making a major foul and winning a card, or directing the ball onto an even more dangerous area (ie: own goal-esque)/or opposing player joining with a run, or just botches the play completely. Re: Silva’s 2nd in the 4-0. The Lamela incident with Curbelo, brought the ugly history of their defense to light, which you could trace all the way back to Curbelo vs Noir, the last time Noir played in Boca silks with that nasty push and resulting injury. (good news boca fans, Noir is returning from loan to Barça de Guayaquil in Jan)

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