Tragedy at Racing

Independiente and San Lorenzo got the Torneos De Verano underway on Tuesday night with a match which was won 3-2 by Ramón Díaz’s side, but it was overshadowed by an amazing tragedy at Racing. During the club’s training session, stormclouds gathered and before the session could be halted, a lightning bolt struck César Nardi, the club’s popular 61-year-old physiotherapist. He died in Luján hospital, after a forty-minute attempt to bring him back around. Young full back Brian Lluy is being treated for shock, but is understood to be healthy.

Goalkeeper Mauro Dobler was also nearby at the moment Nardi was hit, and told reports he felt tickling sensations. Racing made a statement via their official website, which read: ‘This unfortunate event greatly saddens the entire racinguista family, who bid farewell to an exemplary employee, loved by everyone, who’ll always be remembered for his permanent smile and his enthusiasm for his work. The board of directors, the professional squad and the technical team, and all the other sectors of the club stand by [Nardi’s] family at this time.’

Aside from Nardi and Lluy, no-one else was injured by the strike, although all, of course, were deeply shocked.

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