Clausura 2011: Racing win big & River finally lose (video)

Racing's new Colombian hero Teo Gutiérrez gets yet another goal

The weekend’s games from the fifth round of the 2011 Torneo Clausura are only getting written up all together now, due to my housewarming on Saturday night. Saturday saw Boca Juniors lose away to San Lorenzo in the weekend’s clásico, and Argentinos Juniors finally claim a win, against Arsenal de Sarandí, after opening with four straight draws. On Sunday, Racing visited Colón and thrashed them 4-0 to go out on their own at the top of the table. River Plate hosted Vélez Sarsfield and Leandro Chichizola, the goalkeeper who’s been so impressive filling in for Juan Pablo Carrizo, committed a howler to concede his first goal of the tournament, handing Vélez a lead they eventually turned into a 2-1 win, Santiago Silva bagging a double. All these goals and the others from the weekend are right here.


Lanús 0 – 0 Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata

San Lorenzo de Almagro 1 – 0 Boca Juniors

Argentinos Juniors 1 – 0 Arsenal


Estudiantes 0 – 1 Godoy Cruz

Colón 0 – 4 Racing

River Plate 1 – 2 Vélez Sarsfield

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5 thoughts on “Clausura 2011: Racing win big & River finally lose (video)

    1. Owch, rough night.
      Well, it’s a visit from Olimpo next, which is all-out attack and no defense, Boca should at least be able to smear out a 3-3 tie

  1. So I might not know my Boedo from my Neuvo Pompeya, but I still enjoyed my first trip to Nuevo Gasómetro. A great goal and a great atmosphere and I hadn’t seen water cannon or razor wire at a game before. The San Lorenzo fans seemed to be genuinely friendly to our little group of football tourists, and as a result my wife has now adopted El Ciclón as her Argentinian team.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, although I’m sorry (as a River fan) to hear that San Lorenzo have gained a fan out of it! I made the same mistake when I first moved here, asked a friend why they call themselves San Lorenzo de Almagro when they actually play in Boedo, and he burst out laughing and said, ‘oh it’s worse! They wish they played in Boedo!’

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