Hand Of Pod 11: club ownership, racism, & Agüero’s national team issues

In the eleventh episode of Hand Of Pod, Sam, Seba and English Dan discuss the last decade or so of Racing Club’s history, and what it says about club ownership issues in Argentina. They also tackle the thorny issue of racism in the country’s stadia, and talk about some of the possible reasons for Sergio Agüero being overlooked again by national team manager Sergio Batista. Aussie Dan, a.k.a. Mystic Dan, is off getting drunk in Mendoza this week, but managed to put down his wine glass for long enough to send us his predictions for the coming weekend. And Zombie is as distracting and irritating as ever.

Listen or download right here on the blog, or subscribe to us on iTunes for your regular fix. And don’t forget Mystic Dan’s predictions can be found over on the HOP website.


One thought on “Hand Of Pod 11: club ownership, racism, & Agüero’s national team issues

  1. i wonder if mistic dan is sticking around in mendoza long enough for the two home games godoy cruz have this coming week? Tickets are sold at the club house on Balcarce for locals, or for the visitors at Tarjeta Nevada in microcentro, capital ~ although I don’t remember which either the one at San Martín y Necochea or the one on Las Heras (shouldn’t be more than 4 blocks away from each other if end up at the wrong one…)

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