Huracán rescue a late point; Gimnasia get a rare win (video)

Monday evening saw the sixth round of the 2011 Torneo Clausura come to an end with a rare win for Gimnasia La Plata, at home to Tigre – it’s only the fifth match they’ve won since the start of the Apertura. Later on, Banfield were 2-0 up against Huracán but their visitors eventually pulled it back to 2-2 minutes from the end of the match to leave El Taladro disappointed. All those goals, as well as the weekend’s heroes and villains from all the top flight matches, are right here.

Primera División Torneo Clausura 2011, sixth round
Quilmes Atlético Club (J.J. Morales 66) 1 – 1 Independiente (F. Parra 23)
Club Deportivo Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba (N. Olmedo 37; S. Hoyos OG 68) 2 – 0 Lanús
All Boys 0 – 2 Colón (F. Higuaín 19, OFF 89; I. Moreno y Fabianesi 76)
Arsenal Fútbol Club (M. Obolo 16) 1 – 1 River Plate (J. Maidana 13)
Newell’s Old Boys (R. Sensini (manager) OFF HT) 0 – 2 Asociación Atlética Argentinos Juniors (C. Rius 5; P. Troglio (manager) OFF HT; M. Bogado 79)
Vélez Sarsfield vs San Lorenzo de Almagro suspended seven minutes in due to rioting following the death of supporter Ramón Aramayo
Racing Club 0 – 1 Club Estudiantes de La Plata (R. López 84)
Boca Juniors 0 – 2 Club Olimpo (M. Rolle 39; O. De Felipe (manager) OFF 45+6; J. Furch 89)
Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata (J. Neira 36, 73) 2 – 1 Tigre (D. Morales 26; M. Galmarini 57)
Banfield (J. Gómez 21; C. García 22) 2 – 2 Huracán (R. Zárate 35; J. Cámpora 85)

Gimnasia 2 – 1 Tigre

Banfield 2 – 2 Huracán

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5 thoughts on “Huracán rescue a late point; Gimnasia get a rare win (video)

  1. Agremiados managed to reverse the double yellow expulsion into a single yellow for Tigre’s Galmarini (first successful appeal in 11 years!), but I don’t understand why he is still unable to play vs godoy cruz next Sat?

      1. thanks for that, none of the articles i read at the time made any mention of the 5th card rule, nor mentioned had he been carrying the 4th one when the game started. That’s a graphic that only ever comes up on tv, it’s never in print anywhere for some reason until after the fact! Doesn’t AFA publish a list for newspapers to include in their previas?

  2. I saw that ref lose control of a match earlier this season. I don’t remember which one. Is this his first season in top flight Argentine football ? I don’t recall seeing him before. He looks out of his league.

    1. Delfino is one of the younger refs, he started primera division matches this past winter, after a pair of years of double duty Primera B Metropolitana and Nacional B

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