Rolle ruins Riquelme’s return, & a fan dies at Vélez

Referee Sergio Pezzotta calls Vélez's clash with San Lorenzo off

Sunday’s matches in the 2011 Torneo Clausura were overshadowed by tragedy, as death returned to the stadia of Argentina’s top flight. Ramón Aramayo, a 36-year-old fan (I would like to stress, not a barra brava), got involved in a struggle whilst passing through a routine security check on the way into Vélez Sarsfield vs San Lorenzo, was hit, and fell to the floor, where he suffered a fatal heart attack. Authorities so far, typically, have been shirking responsibility. That match was called off after seven minutes, with the score at 0-0. Elsewhere, Juan Román Riquelme returned to Boca Juniors but couldn’t prevent them losing 2-0 at home to Olimpo, with Martín Rolle scoring the opener and Néstor Bareiro accidentally fracturing Boca midfielder Walter Erviti’s jaw. That and the day’s other four goals, along with the scenes from Vélez, are right here.

Newell’s Old Boys 0 – 2 Argentinos Juniors

Argentinos fought to a well-earned win away to Newell’s, with Ciro Rius putting the visitors into an early lead and Mauro Bogado wrapping things up with eleven minutes to play. The win leaves Argentinos 6th in the Clausura, and still in touch of the Copa Sudamericana qualification places.

Vélez 0 – 0 San Lorenzo (suspended)

The match was six minutes old when Vélez fans, incensed as news filtered into the stand that a fan had been (in the words of the deceased Aramayo’s wife) ‘killed by the police,’ began to riot, and San Lorenzo goalkeeper Pablo Migliore was hit by something thrown from the crowd. The match was called off, and the remaining 83 minutes will be rescheduled and played behind closed doors.

Racing Club 0 – 1 Estudiantes de La Plata

Two of the main contenders for the title met in Avellaneda, and Teófilo Gutiérrez, Racing’s Colombian hotshot, had a legitimate goal disallowed for offside early in the second half. Late on, Rodrigo López brilliantly lobbed home goalkeeper Jorge De Olivera to give Estudiantes a win that took them temporarily joint top, with their vanquished hosts.

Boca Juniors 0 – 2 Club Olimpo

Yet another comeback from Riquelme wasn’t enough for Boca, who were sluggish up front and a shambles again in defence as they lost to Olimpo. They had practically all of the game in the first half, but were unlucky to lose Walter Erviti with a fractured jaw after the playmaker was knocked out cold by an apparently accidental collision with the elbow of Néstor Bareiro. Olimpo had an opener disallowed, but went in at the interval leading 1-0 anyway thanks to Rolle, and in the 89th minute

The original of the opening paragraph stated that it was Pablo Mouche who’d accidentally fractured Walter Erviti’s jaw. This came from, and when I realised they’d made a mistake I forgot to re-write the opening paragraph. Thanks to Alessandro Mauro Vanegas for pointing out my cock-up to me.

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  1. Jesus, what a night for Boca. Falling like flies to inadvertent blows, knocked out cold like mackerels, spitting blood, nary a smile on any player’s face-ever. And followed by major whistleing from the fans which is something I haven’t seen at the Bombonera to that degree. I’m beyond post mortems at this point, other than to say Borghi may have been right with his recent statement that the players are suffering from stage fright. And one more-Palermo really needs to sit. I suppose it is due to his iconic status at Boca that this possibility hasn’t been discussed more than it has, but it is pretty much 10 men versus 11 now. I like Martin but he is hurting the team at this point. How many matches is it now(excluding the summer matches) that he has gone without scoring a goal ? A bunch.

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