In the fifteenth episode of Hand Of Pod Sam, Dan, Dan and Seba discuss what we can only term a startling revelation from Racing full back Iván Pillud. We round up all the salient points from the Torneo Clausura in the weekend just gone, discuss Ariel Ortega’s latest indiscipline (and wonder how much longer he’s got left of his playing career), and look forward to the decisive matches for Argentine clubs in the Copa Libertadores. And of course, we couldn’t possibly overlook the fact that this weekend one of the country’s biggest and fiercest derbies will be fought out down in Avellaneda, as Racing Club host Independiente. All this and more on your weekly dose of HOP.

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One thought on “Hand Of Pod 15: Racing full back’s impressive showing & an Avellaneda clásico preview

  1. greetings from new jersey in the US. Im a big river fan that doesnt speak too much spanish (as i am a typical american), so your show and site is incredibly useful for me. I had the chance to go to argentina last summer and see river beat independiente at el monumental, where funes mori scored 2 goals. Goes to show how much has changed since august haha. Anyways, great job on the show and i’ll definitely be listening every week!

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