Clausura: River Plate’s catastrophy, Independiente’s romp & more: Saturday’s goals

Saturday’s goals from the 2011 Torneo Clausura are online now, including Godoy Cruz’s 1-0 win over All Boys in the day’s late game. There were seventeen goals in all over the six matches played, and if you’re not sure where this leaves everyone then I’d direct you to this post, though the essence is that River will play a relegation playoff, Quilmes are going straight down, and Gimnasia and Huracán must play a tie-breaker to decide who takes the remaining playoff spot and who goes directly to Nacional B. The goals are right here; enjoy them.

Argentinos Juniors 1 – 1 Tigre

With this point, had Olimpo and River both won, Tigre would have been dragged into a three way tie-breaker, but with River losing, the visitors were safe.

Quilmes 0 – 1 Olimpo

This win, which featured a man-of-the-match performance from Olimpo’s debutant goalkeeper Matías Ibáñez after first choice Leandro Tombolini had been injured* for Olimpo condemned Quilmes to the drop, and also dumped River in the relegation playoff zone (with a bit of help from River’s own loss to Lanús).

Gimnasia La Plata 2 – 2 Boca Juniors

Christian Cellay’s late equaliser for Boca, with more or less the last touch (and yes, that is Martín Palermo celebrating as if he’s scored it himself after setting it up), robbed Gimnasia of a playoff spot and left them dead level on average points with Huracán, forcing a tie-breaker.

River Plate 1 – 2 Lanús

Even without Leandro Díaz’s stoppage time winner for Lanús, River were still heading to the promoción (relegation playoff); Olimpo’s win away to Quilmes ensured that River had to win this game just to force a tie-breaker, and River never looked like doing that.

Independiente 5 – 1 Huracán

Huracán would have stayed in the playoff spots with a point thanks to Cellay’s late equaliser for Boca to peg back Gimnasia, but were even more abject than River in losing an Independiente side who looked revitalised after ensuring their own safety last week.

Godoy Cruz 1 – 0 All Boys

Having ensured safety last week, All Boys were relaxed, and Godoy Cruz claimed a win to end a great season on a high; their third-place finish is a club record.

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21 thoughts on “Clausura: River Plate’s catastrophy, Independiente’s romp & more: Saturday’s goals

  1. wendesday is the first leg at belgrano at 9 PM Argentine Time (8PM US eastern time). Next Sunday is the second leg at monumental but im not sure of the time

    1. Wednesday 2.30 Argentine time for Gimnasia-Huracán in the Bombonera. More like a home match for Huracán. Avellaneda would have been fairer, surely?

  2. lol Sam, such short term tombino memories have we? Asad’s “Moral Victory” – Cl’10 was better point total (37) – so this clausura only just tied that same finish for 3rd.
    Godoy Cruz report card: B+ Good Season nonetheless, did what they could while missing all the right pieces to have been able to push more toward winning the torneo. The early exit from the Libertadores helped, losing Olmedo for a month to injury possibly was the best thing that could of happened as Falcon/Damonte pairing that filled in for him gave the midfield some more offense-inclined “garra”… Still not happy with the defense, way too many goals against, and it always hurt the remainder of the games where they conceded early (and often).. Getting Curbelo back for next season should help. It’s sounding more & more like there is going to be a dismantle of the midfield, much like last season’s dismantle of the offense.

    1. Thanks for that ich0. In fairness, I did ask people on the last episode of Hand Of Pod to write in and correct me if I had that wrong, and you didn’t! I thought if anyone was going to pick me up on it it would’ve been you!

      I totally agree with you about Godoy’s defence. For a side who’ve finished so high up the table, their goals against column over the course of the whole season has been eye-watering.

      1. (And for what it’s worth, I thought on that HOP recording that they might’ve done third last year, but was assured by my esteemed colleagues that they finished 4th. We have to go from memory for nearly all of the pod recordings, hence the not infrequent requests to be corrected if we’re wrong!)

    2. err i probably was half-asleep during that part of the podcast that i download only to listen to at 3am lol
      i’ll try to be more active while in Mendoza next week, or not… depends how busy the cibers get. Might have to go to the local barrio ciber of ill-repute in Buena Nueva.(~sigh)

      1. I would of loved to come by, maybe in 2012 around Feb/March when i have more time on my hands i can bus it. I always come in via Santiago be it auntie picking me up, paycar remísero or with LAN, my first & for that matter last time through Ezeiza with Areolineas (Austral at the time) was an utter 29hour disaster

    1. No record, but it’s the lowest in recent memory other than Banfield’s title Ap09. I checked the short tournament tables and found the early-mid 90’s teams had even less, NOB had just 8 in the first Clausura (they were champs) ever played, Ferro had 9 the next season after that (for 4th place) & Velez had 7 (champs) in Clausura’93. Note that quite a few teams during the 90’s got 10’s, 11’s and 12’s GA

      1. lol Sam, all we can really use is what’s available to us. I just wiki’d & zerozerofootball search so see if that brasileño contributer had anything that looked out of order … nothing reliable is free these days

        Doing a second more intensive check before going to bed, by visiting each aforementioned clubs’ page and see if they’ve listed their championship teams and stats based on the assumption clubs wouldn’t lie (would they? lol!!)
        Boca has short torney record at 6 GA and undefeated, but they weren’t champion as that year they had to play against apertura champion. As per Boca club page: navigating to El Club > Titulos
        Torneo Clausura 1991 | En realidad, Boca fue el ganador de dicho torneo pero no bajo el rótulo de campeón. La reglamentación indicaba que los ganadores del Apertura y el Clausura deberían enfrentarse en una final para determinar al campeón de la temporada. Newell’s se la ganó por penales en la Bombonera en una lluviosa tarde. Anteriormente, Boca había ganado el Clausura ’91 de modo brillante: 19 partidos jugados, 13 ganados y 6 empatados, con apenas 6 goles en contra en todo el certamen.

    2. I didn’t think to check last seasons table! -considering how important it was (tomba’s libertadoras qualifying feat) Estudiantes & Velez last season Ap10 had 8 & 9 GA respectively.

      1. Can’t reply below your longer reply just above… well done for Wikiing the lot! It was the only option I could see open to me, but I was buggered if I was going to do it, given how late at night it was…

  3. YES! This reply is just to illustrate the complete confusion this wordpress template is causing to our humble commenting! I feel like a good nights sleep should be a just reward. Signing off with Santos Libertadores triumph and Belgrano’s first leg win… and hoping for a San Martin de San Juan victory this weekend to get closer to bringing some more new faces and shirts into primera division, and… another reborn CLASICO derby match (after Union’s confirmed return, await the possible clasico de cuyo returning as well)… and…. yeah, “and” that should be enough hahaha…
    g’night argieblogosphere, or argiesphere for short!

    1. Haha… I’ve now changed the settings to allow us nested comments up to 5 replies deep. Any more and we’ll be getting a bit narrow to make them easily readable, and I don’t think it’ll be really necessary given HEGS doesn’t attract many commenters (though it’s great to have yourself and Matthew back!), but I’ll see how it goes with the new setting.

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