Copa América: all the preview podcasts you could ever need in one place

Hand Of Pod episode 6

Those who listen to Hand Of Pod will know that over the last month, building up to the Copa América, we’ve recorded a bunch of special editions profiling some of the national teams most likely to make a dent in the tournament. We sadly couldn’t do episodes for all the countries we’d have liked, but this post collects together the episodes we did record – on Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and of course Argentina – in one place in case you missed them first time round. The Argentina episode, which went online on Monday, is right here; for the others, click on ‘Continue reading’ (unless you’ve come to this post following a link from elsewhere, in which case you won’t need to). And keep your ears open later in the week for a very special end-of-season edition of the regular podcast with special guest Tim Vickery!

You can subscribe to HOP on iTunes, and follow each of us individually on Twitter for updates throughout the tournament. My Twitter profile is here; Australian Dan’s is here; English Dan’s is here, and Seba’s is here.

Hand Of Pod Copa América 2011 special: Argentina

Brazil – with special guest Caetano

Uruguay – with special guest Nicholas Rosano

Chile – with special guest Cecilia Lagos

Paraguay – with special guest Ralph Hannah

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8 thoughts on “Copa América: all the preview podcasts you could ever need in one place

  1. is that podcast going to be with the same tim vickery that writes for the bbc? his column is one of my favorites.

    1. Haha… it’s Fernet Branca, Chris. It’s an Italian liquor that’s very popular here in Argentina served over ice with Coca-Cola (NEVER Pepsi). Most Hand Of Pod episodes involve myself and the Dans – Seba barely drinks – getting sloshed on it during the recording process.

      If you’ve ever wondered why we often start talking complete rubbish at the end of episodes, you now know.

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