Hand Of Pod end of season review with special guest Tim Vickery

Hand Of Pod end of season review

The end of season special of Hand Of Pod is an epic – an hour and three quarters – for which I apologise, but there’s good reason: South American football broadcasting legend Tim Vickery was talking to us in person over a glass (okay, several glasses) of wine, and dinner, and we simply couldn’t bring ourselves to cut anything. We discuss River Plate’s relegation, where ‘Tricky’ Ricky Álvarez could fit into Arsenal’s system (if of course he does go there), our favourite players of the Torneo Clausura just gone, and the differences between Pelé and Diego Maradona as players, as well as looking forward to the upcoming Copa América. Enjoy.

Tim’s blog is linked to above, but you can also find all our own sites with these links: Aussie Dan is webmaster of Argentina Football World, and Seba is the head honcho at Mundo Albiceleste. English Dan is the South America editor for Goal.com. And massive thanks to Turkish TV presenter Asli Pelit, who hosted and cooked for us – you’ll find her Twitter profile here.

You can follow the latest news from the selección in the buildup to the Copa América direct from Buenos Aires with HEGS on Twitter. If you’ve not signed up yet you can do so here. You can also join the official HEGS Facebook group, to keep up to date with the latest posts on the blog and discuss things with other fans. You’ll find it here. And remember to bookmark Hand Of Pod, our Argentine football podcast, or if you prefer you can subscribe to it on iTunes here.

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7 thoughts on “Hand Of Pod end of season review with special guest Tim Vickery

  1. Good show.. sounds like you guys had a blast. Always liked the legendinho on the world football phone in. He made a good point about the non-buenos aires clubs making some noise right now. congrats on the show!

  2. Thank you guys for the Podcasts during Clausura, I have really enjoyed it. If you are ever in Australia let me know, Shrimps on the Barbie are on me.

    1. Likewise if you’re in Washington DC/Northern Virginia! I got some great southern-style smoked pork ribs for ya!

  3. Finally found a couple of hours to listen to it fully and… great job, and it makes it even greater that it’s free stuff. Many thanks! Hope to hear pods again next season.

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