Tuesday is a day off after the opening round of games in the 2011 Copa América have seen everyone play once. You can find my thoughts on the tournament, of course, over on ESPNSoccernet, where I discuss how remarkably closely-fought the whole thing has been so far. Meanwhile on BT Life’s A Pitch, aimed primarily at a British audience, I examine some of the key Premier League players – both present and, perhaps, future – involved in the competition.


One thought on “The Copa América so far: some reading material

  1. Both Argentina and Brasil’s ties were very disappointing. Globo news in Brasil said Brasil jogar nao serve para nada. Great chances. They guys couldn’t finish. Brasileiros attack was one sided. They didn’t use the entire pitch to attack. Venezuela used great tactics to clog the middle. I wonder if Dunga is saying do you miss me yet. Great insights.

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