Copa América 2011: Argentina splutter to another draw

Sergio Romero put in a super performance, and was voted man of the match

Argentina’s second performance in the 2011 Copa América they are hosting had to be better than the first, or people were going to start getting angry. Well, people are starting to get angry. Argentina were a side without imagination or thrust up front, and looked desperate at times in defence, where goalkeeper Sergio Romero saved them a number of times and Nicolás Burdisso was lucky, in the first half, not to give away a penalty. The highlights are right here.

Copa América Argentina 2011, Weds 6th July, Group A

Argentina 0 – 0 Colombia

After the game Sergio Batista told the press conference, ‘We’ve been unable to apply what we’ve done in training to the matches so far. We lacked precision, making it difficult to play the game we wanted.’ We could all see that, of course. For his next trick, when asked about Javier Pastore and whether the playmaker might bring some imagination to a turgid side and link better with Lionel Messi, he came out with the frankly astonishing comment, ‘We could use Pastore for that, he’s an option there, but I don’t want to change the system.’

A lot of people are beginning to lose patient with Sergio Batista.

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11 thoughts on “Copa América 2011: Argentina splutter to another draw

  1. please fire this arrogant *fluffy little bunny rabbit* u need to make the following changes mister arrogant, in pastore, higuain, aguero, out lavezzi, cambiasso, tevez.

    1. My word. I don’t think he actually reads this blog, you know Dr. But welcome to HEGS. If we could keep the language family-friendly, I’d be most obliged. You may notice I’ve changed your insult to something slightly milder for the moment.

  2. Did Batista not learn from Maradona’s mistake last summer vs Germany? This system does not work! His midfield once again was overrun right from the beginning. He had too many forwards to start, and what does he do? He goes and puts on MORE forwards?!?! boggles the mind.

    He needs a Veron type. Can Pastore be that? I’m willing to find out. That defense was atrocious, but I think the problems all start in the midfield. Messi will not defend, so he should not be in the middle of the field if he’s not going to defend. Choose another forward from out of Tevez/Higuain/Aguero/Lavezzi/Di Maria and be done with that group. Instead of a 3rd forward he should put on Pastore or someone that will play the short game with Messi.

    By the end of the game, it was clear that the manager’s moves inspired nobody.

  3. Rock bottom for the NT since I’ve been following them for the past six years. Undone by a crooked slimeball head of the AFA, a series of very poor choices for coach, and the inevitable loss of team spirit, heart and discipline. Watching this team play is maddening.

    I’m with Seba over at Mundo and rooting for a Costa Rica victory to end this nightmare, and hopefully spell the end of Batista. To have formulated a bad, very flawed strategy prior to the Copa is bad enough, but to stick with it while it is on fire right in front of you !? Incredible.

  4. Hey Sam,

    How much would it cost if at the next media conference you’re at where batista is speaking, You accidently shoot him in the face and he unfortunately has to step down from coaching Argentina due to health reasons, just curious.

    1. Not going to happen Pronx. I took Sam’s pistola away from him just before River’s second leg against Belgrano.

  5. And another thing !! Who are the leaders on this team ? Honestly, I see nary a one. Where is Heinze when you need him ?! I’m not being sarcastic. I think the team misses Heinze and I think he is a better FB or CB than almost anyone on the current squad. I’d give the slightest of edges to Burdisso and Zanetti. Maybe.

  6. Tevez should be coming off the bench, Lavezzi should be banished. Kun and Higuain have to see more of the pitch. Pastore should start too. The defense is extremely worrying, soft and really prone to giveaways. Some more clinical finishes (plus the penalty that should have been called) and they would have given up three to Colombia. A team with either that D or that midfield isn’t going to win much, but with both???

    Hey not sure if everyone has the same video feed that we do in the states, but why are the camera shots so horrible? You can’t follow the ball on the far side of the field at all.

    1. I’m not sure if this explains the video issue, but it’s been really cold since the start of the Copa and it seems a little foggy in both of Argentina’s matches. Even watching the matches on tv here in Buenos Aires, the picture has not been crystal clear.

      1. Yeah, what Johnny said. La Plata especially has a slight haze. I don’t think it’s helped by the fact that the stadium’s sunk slightly into the ground, so the fog (such as it is) gathering at pitch level doesn’t have anywhere to dissipate to. Of course, I could be talking total crap there.

        Lovely warm day today, incidentally, but no La Plata matches until Uruguay v Chile! By which time no doubt it’ll be freezing cold again…

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