Copa América 2011: Costa Rica & Peru win, Uruguay draw with Chile (video)

Thursday’s and Friday’s matches in the 2011 Copa América saw Costa Rica get a win in Group A which simplifies things slightly for Argentina (beat Costa Rica on Monday and the hosts are through), and saw Peru claim their first win of the competition, with a 1-0 win over Mexico’s Olympic squad. In the high-calibre match on Friday evening, Uruguay and Chile drew 1-1 to leave Chile on the verge of qualification. All the highlights are right here.

Copa América 2011

Thurs 7th July, Group A

Bolivia 0 – 2 Costa Rica

Fri 8th July, Group C

Uruguay 1 – 1 Chile

Peru 1 – 0 Mexico

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    1. You’re bloody joking. I’ve been posting these for the last week! Why didn’t someone say something?!

      I knew the live streaming wasn’t, but didn’t realise the highlights vids weren’t either. That’s ridiculous. Thanks for letting me know, Matthew. I’ll use different ones from tomorrow.

      (To anyone reading, Matthew and I are friends. So don’t think I’ll swear at all of you if you make a comment. He’s special.)

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