Copa América 2011: one-third of the group stage goals come in last two matches (video)

Having had twenty-five goals in the first sixteen matches of the group stage of the Copa América Argentina 2011, we were treated on Wednesday to a much more impressive twelve in two games as Group B closed. Venezuela went into stoppage time trailing 1-3 to Paraguay (having led 1-0), and scored twice in the dying moments to grab a 3-3 draw, before Brazil finally won in the Copa, beating Ecuador 4-2 in a great game to top the group ahead of Venezuela, the traditional continental whipping boys, by a single goal. The final twelve goals from the group stages of the Copa are right here, along with the quarter-final lineup.

I apologise for the tags all over these videos, and for the fact that if you click on the vid itself it’ll load an advert for something. There’s no accounting for how annoying YouTube uploaders can be…

Copa América Argentina 2011, Weds 13th July, Group C

Paraguay 3 – 3 Venezuela

Brazil 4 – 2 Ecuador

The quarter-finals will be played at the weekend; two on Saturday, and two on Sunday. Saturday’s matches will be Colombia vs Peru, at 16:00 local time in Córdoba, and Argentina vs Uruguay at 19:15 in Santa Fe. On Sunday, Brazil will play Paraguay at 16:00 in La Plata, and Chile face Venezuela in San Juan at 19:15. The two winners on Saturday will play one another in one semi-final, and Sunday’s two winners will face off in the other.

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