Clausura 2012: Tigre go top outright as Independiente beat Boca in a nine-goal thriller (video)

Sunday’s Torneo Clausura matches left a number of interesting results, the upshot of which is that Tigre are now out on their own at the top of the Torneo Clausura after Boca Juniors lost their second match in a few days (having previously been on an eleven-month unbeaten streak) in a thrilling 5-4 defeat at home to Independiente. If nothing else, it showed that Juan Román Riquelme was totally in the right when pleading with manager Julio César Falcioni to be more attacking. Or not. Elsewhere new leaders Tigre beat Banfield, Unión beat Rafaela to ensure Tigre couldn’t overtake them in the relegation table, and Godoy Cruz lost at home to Arsenal de Sarandí. All the goals are right here.

Godoy Cruz 0 – 1 Arsenal

Banfield 0 – 2 Tigre

Rafaela 0 – 2 Unión

Boca 4 – 5 Independiente

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3 thoughts on “Clausura 2012: Tigre go top outright as Independiente beat Boca in a nine-goal thriller (video)

  1. A question that I likely asked last year re: River,
    Can Tigre win the Torneo Clausura 2012 and still get relegated?
    If so, How Grondona explains that?

  2. Hi greensnswmember. I think you did ask that question of River last year yes, although presumably with a different username, as I had to approve this comment before it would show again. Anyway…

    The answer is that yes, it is possible. In reality, though, the chance is infinitesimally unlikely. It would require several other clubs to all do incredibly, and for San Lorenzo to fall no further behind Tigre than they already are. I’d go so far as to say that if there are innumerable universes in which every possibility is played out, then if this season sees Tigre win the title in, say, 100,000 of those universes, they’d only win the title AND get relegated in one or two. It’s practically impossible. If Tigre do win the title, they will have done enough to stay up. But it’s not completely impossible for them to both win the title and go down.

    1. Thanks for that Sam.

      I registered for another blog at wordpress under the name above for some reason and didn’t log out so ended up posting it as the weird generic greensnswmemebr.
      Its Boaz (bitingflea) here and I did asked that about River last year.

      So the system that Grondona put in place did not fully secures the impossibility that such occurrence will happen (relegation of a champion in the same season). It’ll be interesting to see what bookies offering on that.



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