Clausura 2012: round 6 goal videos, and refereeing controversy at San Lorenzo

The sixh round of the 2012 Torneo Clausura saw wins for Boca Juniors and both Avellaneda clubs (yes, really!) among others, but the most eye-catching moment was during San Lorenzo’s 1-1 draw with Colón in Bajo Flores, when referee Diego Abal ignored his linesman and awarded an equaliser to Colón which shouldn’t have stood under the post-2006 World Cup interpretation of the offside rule. San Lorenzo fans broke up parts of the stadium lobby afterwards in trying to get to Abal, and both the club and referee could be punished – Abal is expected to be suspended from refereeing whilst San Lorenzo could be ordered to play some home matches behind closed doors. All the goals – including that controversial Ariel Garcé one for Colón, and River Plate’s 3-0 win over Merlo in the second division – are right here.

Primera División Torneo Clausura 2012, sixth round
Club Atlético Lanús 0 – 1 Asociación Atlética Argentinos Juniors (P. Hernández 59)
Club Atlético All Boys (M. Matos 46) 1 – 1 Club Deportivo Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba (F. Castillón 71)
Club Atlético Tigre (D. Morales 27) 1 – 1 Club Estudiantes de La Plata (M. Boselli 17)
Club Atlético Unión (R. Erramuspe 18, 64; P. Magnín 79) 3 – 3 Club Atlético Vélez Sarsfield (J.M. Martínez 22; I. Bella 33; F. Insúa 53)
Club Atlético Independiente (E. Farías 75; F. Monserrat 86) 2 – 0 Club Atlético Belgrano
Club Olimpo (C. Villanueva OFF 13) 0 – 3 Racing Club (F. Mancinelli OG 60; G. Hauche 70; L. Castro 75)
Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro (A. Bastía OG 45) 1 – 1 Club Atlético Colón (E. Fuertes OFF 30; A. Garcé 69)
Club Atlético San Martín de San Juan 0 – 1 Club Atlético Boca Juniors (W. Erviti 70)
Club Atlético Newell’s Old Boys (M. Sperdutti 24) 1 – 0 Asociación Mutual Social y Deportiva Atlético de Rafalea
Arsenal Fútbol Club (J. Ortíz 8) 1 – 0 Club Atlético Banfield (A. Alayes OFF 88)

Some of the videos below show the minute of each goal. In case you’re left wondering how I could possibly have got it so wrong above, an explanation: in true baffling Argentine tradition, the clock is reset to zero at the start of the second half. Therefore you need to add 45 to the minutes of each goal shown in, for instance, the All Boys v Godoy Cruz video below, in order to get how many minutes into the match as a whole they were scored.

Lanús 0 – 1 Argentinos

All Boys 1 – 1 Godoy Cruz

Tigre 1 – 1 Estudiantes

Unión 3 – 3 Vélez

Independiente 2 – 0 Belgrano

Olimpo 0 – 3 Racing

San Lorenzo 1 – 1 Colón

An explanation of why this one doesn’t count: Federico Higuaín (yes, Gonzalo’s brother!), having just taken the corner, is in an offside position when the initial shot goes in, which is headed out to him by José Luis Palomino, the San Lorenzo defender. The fact that it finally came to Higuaín off a San Lorenzo defender does not matter, since Higuaín is still profiting from having been in that position when the ball was played forward by his team-mate. Higuaín, with his back to the linesman, didn’t see the flag raised (unlike everyone else on the pitch) and said today that he only twigged something was strange when he saw how casually Ariel Garcé flicked the ball into the net.

San Martín 0 – 1 Boca

Newell’s 1 – 0 Rafaela

Arsenal 1 – 0 Banfield

Nacional B 2011-12: twenty-fifth round

River Plate 3 – 0 Deportivo Merlo

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