Brazil v Argentina in New Jersey: digital match preview by Howler

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll probably already be aware that with Argentina playing Brazil in a friendly in New Jersey in a few hours’ time, a new US soccer magazine is launching a pilot issue. Howler aims to be a vehicle for some of the best football writing both in the States and internationally, and for some reason their editors thought it worth including me in that remit. Their sample issue is completely free, and available as an iPad app or as a PDF. It includes me talking about how Argentina boss Alejandro Sabella is doing so far, as well as the New York Times’ George Vecsey on the history of the fixture, and Jonathan Wilson on both sides’ recent tactical developments among others. As if all this weren’t enough, it’s beautifully designed. You can look at the iPad app here, or download the PDF here. If you only want to read my piece (or if you want to read the updated version of it – the AFA told the match organisers some porkies about which domestic players would be called up), you can do so on Tumblr.

And if you like what you read, and want to make sure Howler comes to full fruition as a project, you can support it here, on Kickstarter.


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Sam Kelly is an English football writer based in Buenos Aires, specialising in all things Argentina - the national team and the domestic league - and across South America for When Saturday Comes, ESPNFC, The Blizzard, Cube Goal and anyone else who'll pay him. He's also the presenter and producer of Hand Of Pod, the internet's finest - and, it's true, only Argentine football podcast. If you think you can afford him (and you probably can), please feel free to get in touch.
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