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Argentine Primera División 2012-13: the new system, and the Torneo Inicial fixtures in full


It’s been a very quiet time for HEGS over the last few weeks, and I must say I’ve enjoyed it. If you’re looking to get back up to date with what’s been going, you could do a lot worse than check out the latest episode of the internet’s finest Argentine football podcast, Hand Of Pod. As far as the Primera División is concerned, though: Olimpo and Banfield were relegated, whilst Quilmes and – of course – River Plate have come up, both after just twelve months in Nacional B. The other change is to the format of the Primera División next season; the Apertura and Clausura will be renamed Inicial and Final, and rather than each being a standalone championship, the winners of each will now play a one-off final on the 30th June next year to decide the Argentine champion of the 2012-13 season. The Torneo Inicial kicks off on Friday, 3rd August, and the fixtures for every round, released on Tuesday, are right here.

Argentine Primera División 2012-13, Torneo Inicial

Clásicos are marked in red. All dates are for the Sunday of the given weekend. In actuality, matches will be fully scheduled closer to the time and played between Friday and Monday evenings. In the case of midweek matches (normally due to international breaks), the Wednesday date is given here, but matches will be played between Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

As well as the system for deciding the championship, the relegation system also changes for 2012-13; the old points-average system (the promedio) will still be used, but from this season onwards it will be a straight three up, three down system; no more relegation playoffs.

Round 1: 5th August

Club Atlético Vélez Sarsfield v Asociación Atlética Argentinos Juniors
Racing Club v Asociación Mutual Social y Deportiva Atlético de Rafaela
Arsenal Fútbol Club v Club Atlético Unión de Santa Fe
Club Deportivo Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba v Club Atlético All Boys
Club Atlético Tigre v Club Estudiantes de La Plata
Quilmes Atlético Club v Club Atlético Boca Juniors
Club Atlético River Plate v Club Atlético Belgrano
Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro v Club Atlético San Martín de San Juan
Club Atlético Colón v Club Atlético Lanús
Club Atlético Newell’s Old Boys v Club Atlético Independiente

Round 2: 12th August

Argentinos Juniors v Racing
Independiente v Vélez Sarsfield
Lanús v Newell’s Old Boys
San Martín v Colón
Belgrano v San Lorenzo
Estudiantes v River Plate
Boca Juniors v Tigre
All Boys v Quilmes
Unión v Godoy Cruz
Rafaela v Arsenal

Round 3: 19th August

Vélez Sarsfield v Lanús
Racing v Independiente
Arsenal v Argentinos Juniors
Godoy Cruz v Rafaela
Tigre v River Plate
Quilmes v Unión
Boca Juniors v All Boys
San Lorenzo v Estudiantes
Colón v Belgrano
Newell’s Old Boys v San Martín

Round 4: 26th August

Argentinos Juniors v Godoy Cruz
Independiente v Arsenal
Lanús v Racing
San Martín v Vélez Sarsfield
Belgrano v Newell’s Old Boys
Estudiantes v Colón
River Plate v San Lorenzo
All Boys v Tigre
Unión v Boca Juniors
Rafaela v Quilmes

Round 5: 2nd September

Vélez Sarsfield v Belgrano
Racing v San Martín
Arsenal v Lanús
Godoy Cruz v Independiente
Tigre v San Lorenzo
Quilmes v Argentinos Juniors
Boca Juniors v Rafaela
All Boys v Unión
Colón v River Plate
Newell’s Old Boys v Estudiantes

Round 6: 5th September (midweek)

Argentinos Juniors v Boca Juniors
Independiente v Quilmes
Lanús v Godoy Cruz
San Martín v Arsenal
Belgrano v Racing
Estudiantes v Vélez Sarsfield
River Plate v Newell’s Old Boys
San Lorenzo v Colón
Unión v Tigre
Rafaela v All Boys

Round 7: 16th September

Vélez Sarsfield v River Plate
Racing v Estudiantes
Arsenal v Belgrano
Godoy Cruz v San Martín
Tigre v Colón
Quilmes v Lanús
Boca Juniors v Independiente
All Boys v Argentinos Juniors
Unión v Rafaela
Newell’s Old Boys v San Lorenzo

Round 8: 23rd September

Argentinos Juniors v Unión
Independiente v All Boys
Lanús v Boca Juniors
San Martín v Quilmes
Belgrano v Godoy Cruz
Estudiantes v Arsenal
River Plate v Racing
San Lorenzo v Vélez Sarsfield
Colón v Newell’s Old Boys
Rafaela v Tigre

Round 9: 30th September

Vélez Sarsfield v Colón
Racing v San Lorenzo
Arsenal v River Plate
Godoy Cruz v Estudiantes
Tigre v Newell’s Old Boys
Quilmes v Belgrano
Boca Juniors v San Martín
All Boys v Lanús
Unión v Independiente
Rafaela v Argentinos Juniors

Round 10: 7th October

Argentinos Juniors v Tigre
Independiente v Rafaela
Lanús v Unión
San Martín v All Boys
Belgrano v Boca Juniors
Estudiantes v Quilmes
River Plate v Godoy Cruz
San Lorenzo v Arsenal
Colón v Racing
Newell’s Old Boys v Vélez Sarsfield

Round 11: 21st October

Argentinos Juniors v Independiente
Racing v Newell’s Old Boys
Arsenal v Colón
Godoy Cruz v San Lorenzo
Tigre v Vélez Sarsfield
Quilmes v River Plate
Boca Juniors v Estudiantes
All Boys v Belgrano
Unión v San Martín
Rafaela v Lanús

Round 12: 28th October

Vélez Sarsfield v Racing
Independiente v Tigre
Lanús v Argentinos Juniors
San Martín v Rafaela
Belgrano v Unión
Estudiantes v All Boys
River Plate v Boca Juniors
San Lorenzo v Quilmes
Colón v Godoy Cruz
Newell’s Old Boys v Arsenal

Round 13: 4th November

Argentinos Juniors v San Martín
Independiente v Lanús
Arsenal v Vélez Sarsfield
Godoy Cruz v Newell’s Old Boys
Tigre v Racing
Quilmes v Colón
Boca Juniors v San Lorenzo
All Boys v River Plate
Unión v Estudiantes
Rafaela v Belgrano

Round 14: 11th November

Vélez Sarsfield v Godoy Cruz
Racing v Arsenal
Lanús v Tigre
San Martín v Independiente
Belgrano v Argentinos Juniors
Estudiantes v Rafaela
River Plate v Unión
San Lorenzo v All Boys
Colón v Boca Juniors
Newell’s Old Boys v Quilmes

Round 15: 14th November (midweek)

Argentinos Juniors v Estudiantes
Independiente v Belgrano
Lanús v San Martín
Godoy Cruz v Racing
Tigre v Arsenal
Quilmes v Vélez Sarsfield
Boca Juniors v Newell’s Old Boys
All Boys v Colón
Unión v San Lorenzo
Rafaela v River Plate

Round 16: 18th November

Vélez Sarsfield v Boca Juniors
Racing v Quilmes
Arsenal v Godoy Cruz
San Martín v Tigre
Belgrano v Lanús
Estudiantes v Independiente
River Plate v Argentinos Juniors
San Lorenzo v Rafaela
Colón v Unión
Newell’s Old Boys v All Boys

Round 17: 25th November

Argentinos Juniors v San Lorenzo
Independiente v River Plate
Lanús v Estudiantes
San Martín v Belgrano
Tigre v Godoy Cruz
Quilmes v Arsenal
Boca Juniors v Racing
All Boys v Vélez Sarsfield
Unión v Newell’s Old Boys
Rafaela v Colón

Round 18: 2nd December

Vélez Sarsfield v Unión
Racing v All Boys
Arsenal v Boca Juniors
Godoy Cruz v Quilmes
Belgrano v Tigre
Estudiantes v San Martín
River Plate v Lanús
San Lorenzo v Independiente
Colón v Argentinos Juniors
Newell’s Old Boys v Rafaela

Round 19: 9th December

Argentinos Juniors v Newell’s Old Boys
Independiente v Colón
Lanús v San Lorenzo
San Martín v River Plate
Belgrano v Estudiantes
Quilmes v Tigre
Boca Juniors v Godoy Cruz
All Boys v Arsenal
Unión v Racing
Rafaela v Vélez Sarsfield