A site improvement: live scores & self-updating league tables

Regular readers of HEGS might have noticed that the old ‘Tables’ page hadn’t been updated in some time (since, erm, some time before the end of last year’s Torneo Clausura, in fact). It was a lot of faffing around for me each Monday night, in short, and Monday evenings are the busiest time of my week as it is. Anyway, take a look at that page now. You’ll find a live widget featuring self-updating league table, scores, top scorers and promedio standings from DataFactory, a fantastic stat service who power (among others) the AFA and CONMEBOL websites, and who offer this free widget to you if you want to put it on your site as well. Not only that; I’ve stuck a ‘live scores’ widget in the sidebar of the HEGS homepage as well, so if you don’t follow me on Twitter you can now keep up to date right here on the site as well. I hope you like the updates to the site (and the DataFactory plug is entirely unsolicited; honest).

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