Martino to Barcelona; all his Newell’s side’s goals of the 2013 Torneo Final

Well, if anything was going to get me to post something here, it would be a story this big, wouldn’t it? Even though this is really just a link – I’ve written this piece for ESPNFC on Gerardo Martino, the man who left Newell’s Old Boys a couple of weeks ago following their Copa Libertadores semi-final exit to Atlético Mineiro. To reward those of you who’ve clicked through here, though, here’s a bonus I found on YouTube; all the goals scored by Martino’s Newell’s side during their victorious 2013 Torneo Final campaign, with new Internacional de Porto Alegre signing Ignacio Scocco leading the way. There are, it goes without saying, some crackers in here. Enjoy.


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