Live Argentine football – free and legal!

With the 2013-14 season just a couple of hours away in Argentina, it’s a good time to finally put up a permanent post about this here on HEGS. As an extension of the Argentine government’s Fútbol Para Todos program, Argentine matches in the Primera División and B Nacional are now free to watch online – and (whisper it in case they hear us) there’s no geoblock system in place, meaning you can watch FPT coverage anywhere in the world. The downside is that it’s FPT coverage, with idiot commentators galore, but the up side is it’s a very high quality stream and is live enough that it’s often a couple of seconds ahead of my own TV signal here in Buenos Aires. So, if you want a one-stop link for the vast majority of Primera matches and Independiente’s games in B this season, bookmark this page here.

Don’t forget, you can also follow me on Twitter, where I’ll put a link to the DeporTV stream shortly before most matches, as well as linking to my ‘expert’ previews on the website of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Important note: the stream isn’t always the most reliable at starting up immediately. Sometimes you’ll have to refresh or forced refresh (f5) the page a few times or a lot of times before it starts. But it’s worth it.


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