Inicial 2013: late Maxi Rodríguez golazo keeps Newell’s clear & Godoy Cruz beat Tigre (video)

Friday night saw the eighth round of the 2013 Torneo Inicial begin with Godoy Cruz beating Tigre 2-0 in Mendoza, and a little later league leaders Newell’s Old Boys ensured they’ll still be top of the table at the end of the weekend thanks to a fantastic late winner from Maxi Rodríguez, which gave them a 1-0 win over a Racing side who lost yet again in spite of arguably their best performance of the season so far. You can see all three goals here.

Godoy Cruz 2-0 Tigre

José Luis Fernández opened the scoring for Godoy Cruz with a fantastic free kick. Tigre applied some pressure in the second half, pushing for an equaliser, but Godoy Cruz wrapped the game up in stoppage time with a lob from Jonathan Ramis, who’d been put through by Mauro Óbolo.

Racing 0-1 Newell’s Old Boys

Racing played well and looked like securing a draw against the best team in the country in Carlos Ischia’s third match in charge, but Maxi Rodríguez snatched the point from them in the 86th minute with an astonishing goal. Enjoy.

‘As if it was Maradona, in Messi’s skin!’ says the commentator at one point of that clip. That’s radio commentary put over the TV picture, sadly. The TV commentators here are never that poetic (or, erm, creepy).


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  1. d!"£$%^&r v!"£$%^&*p says:

    Hello Hastaelgolsiempre,
    In addition to your post I was wondering, Might sound silly such question, but it affects my life and wonder what could be!
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    • Hi! Thanks for commenting. I hope you don’t me editing your name to make it unsearchable and removing the link from it.

      I think you’re on to something here. What you’re saying is that neither Gonzalo Higuaín nor Javier Pastore – and certainly not Tigre goalkeeper Javier García! – should be in Alejandro Sabella’s squad for next year’s World Cup. It’s a brave hypothesis, but maybe you’re right. They just can’t be trusted. I suggest you try men with other initials – Lionel Messi, for instance. None of his initials are ‘G’ or ‘J’, although his dad is called Jorge so you might want to watch yourself around your prospective in-laws…

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