Argentina lose unbeaten record & unofficial world championship to Uruguay in 3-2 thriller (video)

Not that anyone cares, of course. On Tuesday night, the World Cup qualifying campaign came to an end in South America, with Argentina losing a nearly two-year long unbeaten record in a five goal thriller away to Uruguay, thus handing their hosts the title of Unofficial World Champions. Maxi Rodríguez scored both goals for Argentina, whilst Uruguay’s were scored by Cristian Rodríguez, Luis Suárez (scoring from the spot after winning an-ahem-controversial penalty) and Edinson Cavini. None of the goals were Argentina goalie Sergio Romero’s fault.

You’ll be getting some reflection on Argentina’s qualifying campaign as a whole (no-one cares about Tuesday night’s match, after all) in the next few days, via articles I’ll be writing for ESPNFC and The Bubble. Keep an eye on this blog for links.


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