Where to find me during the World Cup

Hello. You might have heard there’s a football tournament being played during the next month. You’ll also have noticed, if you’re a frequent visitor to HEGS, that I’m crap at updating it, even with links to articles. So, here’s the idea: I’m going to try and post links to pieces I write during the World Cup, but as I’m lazy at that I can’t promise to keep it up. As such, just in case, I’m going to tell you now where you can find me.

  • First and most easily, look on Twitter. Twitter is fast, and easy, and fun, and if I’m awake and at home I’m probably connected to it, so I post much more frequently there than here, these days. If you’ve got an account you can follow me, but if you’ve not you can still see what I’m tweeting. To do both, just go to my profile. Here it is.
  • I will of course be writing regularly throughout the tournament for ESPNFC; the new layout takes some getting used to, but navigating to the Argentina section is easy enough. Just hover over the ‘teams/groups’ options at the top of the site and click ‘Argentina’.
  • I’ll also be writing Argentina match preview and review pieces for Club Metro, the football blogs section of the UK free newspaper Metro’s website. I’ll be covering Argentine hopes and expectations as the tournament progresses.
  • You can also find me in the World Cup section of the Daily Telegraph website, with an article on Uruguay pre-tournament and possibly more to come during the competition if they progress.
  • As well as all this, keep an eye out on Thursday for the Hand Of Pod World Cup preview, in which we’ll be discussing what we expect from Argentina in this tournament (and also talking about what happens in Wednesday afternoon’s promotion tie-breaker in the second division, in which Independiente play Huracán to decide the final spot).


About hastaelgolsiempre

Sam Kelly is an English football writer based in Buenos Aires, specialising in all things Argentina - the national team and the domestic league - and across South America for When Saturday Comes, ESPNFC, The Blizzard, Cube Goal and anyone else who'll pay him. He's also the presenter and producer of Hand Of Pod, the internet's finest - and, it's true, only Argentine football podcast. If you think you can afford him (and you probably can), please feel free to get in touch.
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