Argentina v Bosnia-Herzegovina: a couple of World Cup previews

The day is finally upon us. I type at 4am on Sunday, 15th June 2014 – although I have yet to go to bed, for a significant portion of my readership Argentina’s World Cup opener against Bosnia-Herzegovina in the new Maracanã is already ‘today’. So, ahead of this first test, what are the key points, and where on the pitch are the key battles going to be fought? I’ve got a couple of previews already online.

  • First, have a read of this piece on Club Metro, in which I take a look at the tactical options open to manager Alejandro Sabella, and consider the significance of the 2-0 win Argentina recorded in St. Louis last November in the sides’ most recent meeting.
  • Then check out this one on ESPNFC, in which Bosnia-Herzegovina correspondent Sasa Ibrulj and I give our opinions on both sides’ strengths and weaknesses, and finish up by trying to predict the result (it’s just possible Sasa knows a bit more about Argentina than I do about Bosnia-Herzegovina).

Since ESPNFC’s redesign, some links from external sites seem to have gone a bit funny, so if the second link above doesn’t work, go to their homepage (, and do a search for ’50-50 Argentina Bosnia’ or similar, and it should pop up. And please, if you like either (or both!) of these pieces, feel free to share them!


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