La Nación have drawn up a Best XI of Argentines whose transfers were dodgy

Yep. So many Argentines footballers have had their transfers ‘triangulated’ – i.e. have seen their registrations pass from their Argentine owners on to a club they never actually play for before moving on to their real next team – that Jonathan Calleri’s exit from Boca Juniors today has prompted one of the country’s biggest newspapers to draw up an ‘ideal XI’ of players it’s happened to. As yet, Calleri has no new club – his new owners will now find someone else to loan him out to, but right now, since a player’s registration can’t be owned by an individual but has to be in the name of a club, he’s officially a Deportivo Maldonado player, in the Uruguayan second division. This XI consists solely of players whose transfers moved through Uruguayan clubs, by the way; others, like Gonzalo Higuaín (who went from River Plate to Real Madrid via Swiss club Locarno) aren’t considered. You can read the piece (in Spanish) here.

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