River Plate v Boca Juniors: some links to watch on

The new television situation for the Primera in Argentina means three different channels are showing the superclásico this afternoon (in case you stumble on this page in months or even years’ time, this is the 6th March, 2016 superclásico I’m talking about). My Twitter followers inform me that at the moment, ten minutes before kick off, only one of them is geoblocked, so here I’ll link to all three, and hopefully those of you outside Argentina will be able to enjoy the match on at least one of them.

To watch on Telefé (the only channel which was geoblocked before kick off, so more of an option for readers in Argentina), click here.

To watch on América, click here.

And to watch on Canal Trece, click here.

The Trece stream is also being ‘repeated’ live for some parts of the country which can’t get a decent signal. Mendoza’s Canal 7 tends not to geoblock its stream on YouTube, so that one’s embedded below. It’s not in HD, but I provide it here as a fallback for you lot abroad in case the others go blank at kick off.


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