A new place to find my writing: The Libero

Today The Libero launches. It’s an online football magazine, and the deal is simple: you get a weekly email containing four articles covering world football, as long as you subscribe. You can subscribe by credit or debit card, or by PayPal, and it costs you £3 per month (about US$4.50 or AR$63).

So for the price of a pint or less, you get sixteen articles per month, and as if that wasn’t enough, two of them will be written by me, as I’m in every other issue*. Issue one goes out at 2pm BST today (Thursday, 5th May 2016), so I assume you’ve still got time to sign up before it does so. Get on board. You can subscribe by following the link on this page.

*If you’d rather NOT read stuff by me then I’m not sure what you’re doing here, but in any case please ignore that sentence and focus on the fact that fourteen of your sixteen articles each month will be written by someone other than me.


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