Friday Superliga highlights: Arsenal de Sarandí win a game of football, and Ribas becomes top scorer

Friday evening’s Superliga matches were primarily notable for two things. First, Arsenal de Sarandí secured a 2-0 half time lead against Lanús, and even they couldn’t screw it up, so poor are Lanús right now; they hung on for a 2-1 victory. Almost simultaneously, Belgrano took a 2-0 lead at home to Patronato and did throw it away, thanks to two goals from Sebastián Ribas, who thus becomes the outright top goal scorer so far in this season’s Superliga. Even the goalless game had a talking point: Mauro Bogado shot and scored from the halfway line a split second after the referee had blown for full time, and because no-one in Argentina cares about the fact the clock on the TV screen isn’t official, this is controversial.

Arsenal de Sarandí 2-1 Lanús

Belgrano 2-2 Patronato

Colón 0-0 Huracán


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