All the ups and downs

Photo by guille rusconi on the HEGS Flickr pool It's a bit late this year, but with the pre-seasons well and truly underway it's about time HEGS explained the teams who will be changing divisions this year. We've got the Copa Sudamericana participants, and every promotion and relegation through the Argentine league, down to and... Continue Reading →

A homage to Verón

If you can remember new year's day, you'll remember that Juan Sebastián Verón was recently named South America's Footballer Of The Year for 2008 by El País of Montevideo. Well now, on Soccernet, you can read more about why I was pleased to see him take the award. 'Footballers produced by South America come in all... Continue Reading →

On the way

Diego Simeone will manage his last game as River Plate boss this Sunday against Huracán, after admitting in the wake of another spectacular continental elimination, and the worst start to a season in the club's history, that he can't stay until December. Simeone told the River directors of his decision after Thursday night's match against... Continue Reading →

Fight Central

Newell's Old Boys got a HEGS headline last week thanks in part to their chairman, Eduardo López. It obviously affected the air in Rosario, because on Monday a video was made public of the city's other top-flight football president, Horacio Usandizaga of Rosario Central, engaging in some extraordinary tirades against his very own players, including... Continue Reading →

Where are the champions?

The fallout from the clásico against San Lorenzo on Sunday is beginning to die down in Núñez now, after two days of bitter attacks on Cuervo defender Sebastián Méndez for his horrific attempt to snap Radamel Falcao García in two at the end of the match. Now, though, manager Diego Simeone has to look forward to the... Continue Reading →

2008 Winter transfers

A quick note to let you know that during the 2008 winter break (that's summer for our northern hemisphere readers!), the page formerly known as 'squad lists' has been renamed 'transfers', and will contain a list, updated as frequently and accurately as I can manage (but please bear with me) of all the ins and... Continue Reading →

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