Torneo Clausura 2010: Round 16 Saturday goals

Saturday's matches started off rather more goal-laden than Friday's two had been, with five each in the first two games of the afternoon. The last two, though, shared only one goal between them - and that was an own goal. River Plate succumbed to Estudiantes (a little undeservedly) as a result of it, Facundo Quiroga... Continue Reading →

Clausura 2010: Round 16 Friday goals

There were only two goals in Friday's matches in the Torneo Clausura, both of which went to the home sides. Vélez vs Tigre was a deeply boring affair in which the one small amusement to be found was the Vélez fan a few rows behind me who felt the need, approximately every three minutes, to... Continue Reading →

The relegation situation

With just a few matches to go of the 2010 Torneo Clausura, the race down at the bottom of the Promedio is hotting up now. Racing's victory on Wednesday night over Atlético Tucumán has affected the race in a huge way, but with the relegation table worked out over three seasons it's not always immediately... Continue Reading →

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