Argentines Abroad: Spain, Mexico, and a roundup of the rest

There wasn't a great deal of Argentine action last weekend, which is part of the reason this edition of Argentines Abroad is going online so late. Carlos Tevez hobbled out of Manchester City's Premier League game against Liverpool early on Monday night, and will miss Saturday's FA Cup semi-final against former employers Manchester United, and... Continue Reading →

Argentines Abroad: Tevez stars for City, & new Portuguese champions

Argentines Abroad is late this week because my birthday on Monday has ended up being celebrated in some form or another for what seems like most of the week so far. It's well worth getting this online now though, however late, because there's news of the first Argentine champions of the European season in Portugal,... Continue Reading →

The eighth episode of Hand Of Pod looks at the ongoing feud between Carlos Tevez and Argentina's national team coach Sergio Batista, as well as taking in our thoughts on the Racing vs Boca Juniors clásico last Saturday and much more besides. You can get it, as ever, on the HOP blog, or subscribe on... Continue Reading →

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