UPDATED! Argentines Abroad: Messi closes in on a record, and more (videos)

It's been another lively weekend for the Argentine footballers of the world, with Lionel Messi poised to become the highest goalscorer in F.C. Barcelona's professional era on Tuesday if he can get two goals against Granada tonight. Before that, let's recap what Argentina's representatives - including Messi, of course - got up to at the... Continue Reading →

Argentines Abroad: 2012 is upon us

Football has well and truly restarted in earnest after the new year festivities now, and with  action in Spain, Portugal, Italy, England and Mexico to report on Argentines Abroad is back - as is HEGS for that matter! Happy new year, everyone. There's not much to say about Lionel Messi's Ballon d'Or win that you can't read elsewhere,... Continue Reading →

The twenty-ninth episode of Hand Of Pod is, as the milkmaid said to the parson, quite a whopper. That's largely because Sam, Australian Dan and Seba have not one but two rounds of Torneo Apertura matches to look back on, as well as River Plate's historic debut in the Nacional B (second division). There's more,... Continue Reading →

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