Superclásico highlights

The scores and scorers of the weekend will be up in a few hours' time - after the super, Tigre and Argentinos drew 1-1 in Victoria and Colón then took over the leadership of the table in the weekend's final match with a 2-1 win over fellow contenders San Lorenzo in El Cementerio. For now... Continue Reading →

River Plate vs Boca Juniors: Live updates

After leading 1-0 at half time through a Marcelo Gallardo free kick, River Plate failed to capitalise on their dominance in the first period and conceded an equaliser to none other than Martín Palermo - the second highest scorer in superclásico history - in the second half. River played far better than they have a... Continue Reading →

Diego’s chosen ones

When the Argentine domestic season ends after this weekend, Diego Maradona will concentrate players from several clubs at the AFA's training facilities in Ezeiza, where there'll be a friendly match and some time for the players El Diez considers the most important in the domestic game to get to know each other better. The names... Continue Reading →

Rolfi gets a call up!

This wasn't expected. Diego Maradona has named three - not five - home-based players to be added to the Argentina squad prior to this weekend's international friendly against Scotland in Glasgow, in his first match as selección boss. In spite of Boca Juniors having exited the Copa Sudamericana, Juan Román Riquelme is not one of them.... Continue Reading →

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