Apertura 2011: round 17 fixtures

This weekend is the penultimate of the Torneo Apertura, even though there are three rounds left to play. That's because the next round is in midweek, meaning a week from now we'll be entering the final round of the season. This weekend, though, the title race can and probably will end; Boca Juniors host bottom-of-the-table... Continue Reading →

Apertura 2011: round 16 scores and scorers (at last…)

At long last, the scores and scorers from the sixteenth round of the Torneo Apertura are here. Sorry for the delay. Primera División Torneo Apertura 2011, sixteenth round Club Atlético Tigre (C. Luna 15; D. Castaño 66; D. Morales 77) 3 - 0 Asociación Mutual Social y Deportiva Atlético de Rafaela Club Atlético All Boys... Continue Reading →

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