Clausura ’09: Round 12 fixtures

There are no Friday night games this weekend, sadly, but since the fixtures go up on HEGS at the same time every week, here they are per usual for you to plan your weekend around. There's a half-derby in El Cilindro and a match in Tucumán which will prove important at both ends of the... Continue Reading →

Clausura ’09: Round 11 goals

All 22 of the goals from the eleventh round of the 2009 Torneo Clausura are online now, and you can watch them on the TN Sportblog in glorious technicolour, simply by clicking this link. If video on its own isn't enough for you, and you'd also like some text telling you which teams wear which... Continue Reading →

Championship form at La Academia

The weekend's clásico in the Nuevo Gasómetro was one, like last week's super, in which a certain amount was lacking. Both sides seemed as preoccupied with guarding their own goal as each other, and less so with trying to score for themselves. An incredible finale, though, saw Racing snatch an equaliser from the jaws of... Continue Reading →

Clausura ’09: Round 11 fixtures

The eleventh round of the 2009 Torneo Clausura pitches two of the title contenders against each other in Santa Fe - the winner of Colón vs Vélez will finish the weekend on top of the table (unless it's Colón and Lanús do something unspeakable to Godoy Cruz in Mendoza). Argentinos boss Claudio Vivas is playing... Continue Reading →

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