Copa Sudamericana – Boca Juniors 1 – 1 Vélez Sársfield

Boca Juniors hosted Argentine champions Vélez Sársfield in the final Copa Sudamericana preliminary first leg for Argentina's sides on Thursday night, and took  a very early lead through Pablo Mouche to get Alfio Basile's latest term at the club off to a flying start. They controlled the game thereafter with Vélez looking rather off the... Continue Reading →

Ibarra’s back!

That was quick. Apparently if you want a contract extension at Boca Juniors then the way you get it is by announcing you're leaving the club, and then turning up again at the Casa Amarilla the next day to see what the response is. As a result of this strategy, Hugo Ibarra will now spend... Continue Reading →

Shopping for Coco

Alfio Basile's first press conference in his new spell as manager of Boca Juniors revealed what he was hoping for from his new bosses. 'I hope they bring me something,' he chortled. Well, Coco,  you've got to find a new way of getting rid of Pablo Migliore for starters, because Racing don't want him back.... Continue Reading →

Movement of jah people

Next season's Argentines Abroad (on which note, the HEGS / MA Award winner will be announced on Thursday) are swelling their ranks in the annual exodus from the banks of the Paraná and Río de la Plata (the rivers of Babyl... I'll stop, shall I? OK). Rodrigo Palacio is finally leaving La Bombonera and Santiago... Continue Reading →

A nice box of Coco

That headline doesn't quite work as a pun, does it? The name of Boca Juniors' stadium means 'sweet box', you see, and Coco is a bit like cocoa, which is chocolate, and oh never mind. Maybe 'Alfajor Basile' would have been better? Hmm? No, alright then. On Saturday evening Alfio 'Coco' Basile was convinced by... Continue Reading →

Basile resigns

Breaking news from the AFA: Alfio Basile has met with AFA bigwigs, and TN are reporting as I type that he's resigned from his post in charge of the selección. Olympic coach Sergio Batista, River Plate manager Diego Simeone, and San Lorenzo boss Miguel Angel Russo are the early favourites to replace him. 'He had... Continue Reading →

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