It ain’t over til the fat man speaks…

...And Julio Grondona has spoken. As well as defending himself against Diego Maradona's accusations of lying ('Time will tell whether I lied'), he's also insisted he has no problem with Carlos Tevez's statements of last week either. He claims he'd have loved Maradona to continue as Argentina manager, has said that Sergio Batista has every... Continue Reading →

More rumours regarding Diego Maradona’s future

There's some odd stuff coming from the mouth of Diego Maradona's European agent Walter Soriano today. A couple of news sites in the UK are reporting that Maradona is considering a number of European managerial jobs, and that his agent seems to be angling to get him the Aston Villa job recently vacated by Martin... Continue Reading →

Riquelme renews, and more on Maradona

This is actually merely catching up with yesterday's news, because reporting it yesterday would have seen it get swamped by Diego Maradona's press conference, so I didn't. Juan Román Riquelme has finally renewed his Boca Juniors contract for another four - yes four! - years. Boca boss Claudio Borghi claims to be delighted, whilst Martín... Continue Reading →

In Bed With Maradona

This is a quick announcement about a new world football site I've agreed to write about Argentina for. It's called In Bed With Maradona, and aims to provide a truly global sweep on the world game. Once the Torneo Apertura gets underway, I'll be writing a weekly piece for them on the central stories in... Continue Reading →

Maradona refuses to go quietly

Just under an hour ago, Diego Maradona walked into a packed press room to give a prepared speech to Argentina's press on his thoughts after refusing to sign the contract extension the AFA offered him yesterday. He fired some shots across the bows of the organisation, but didn't come out with anything truly incendiary. All... Continue Reading →

Maradona out: official

Just a quick post to confirm the story posted here on HEGS yesterday: the AFA have just announced officially that Diego Maradona's contract as national team manager won't be renewed. Julio Grondona seemingly deliberately made Maradona an offer he knew would be rejected yesterday, to sidestep the political fallout from being the man to 'sack'... Continue Reading →

Maradona leaves…?

It's been a long day for everyone following the business behind closed doors between Julio Grondona, the AFA president, and Diego Maradona, who was expected to sign on the dotted line and put his name to a new four year contract in charge of the national side after the '5th place' (Grondona's words) finish at... Continue Reading →

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