Diego Simeone resigns

Diego Simeone stood down as manager of San Lorenzo on Saturday afternoon following yet another home defeat for the Boedo team. Having lost 1-0 against Gimnasia La Plata, El Cholo announced his decision to the press on the basis that, 'this is what's best for the club.' Under Simeone, San Lorenzo had gone on a... Continue Reading →

Parting shots

A quick news update this one: It was confirmed on Thursday that the Argentine national team will play two friendlies in Buenos Aires prior to leaving for the World Cup. The original plan was to play the matches in Europe (fans there have more money, you see), but the players apparently requested that they play... Continue Reading →

The news this week

HEGS has lost a little of its news value lately due to diminishing spare time on my part, so as of today I'm going to try and remedy that slightly. As Thursday turns into Friday at the start of each round from now on, I'll be giving a quick rundown of some of the main... Continue Reading →

Movement of jah people

Next season's Argentines Abroad (on which note, the HEGS / MA Award winner will be announced on Thursday) are swelling their ranks in the annual exodus from the banks of the Paraná and Río de la Plata (the rivers of Babyl... I'll stop, shall I? OK). Rodrigo Palacio is finally leaving La Bombonera and Santiago... Continue Reading →

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