The eighth episode of Hand Of Pod looks at the ongoing feud between Carlos Tevez and Argentina's national team coach Sergio Batista, as well as taking in our thoughts on the Racing vs Boca Juniors clásico last Saturday and much more besides. You can get it, as ever, on the HOP blog, or subscribe on... Continue Reading →

Apertura: half-term reports from Argentina

Since we're now halfway (and a bit) through the 2010 Torneo Apertura, I thought I'd compile a very brief 'report' on each team so far, and how they're doing in relation to what they'd have hoped/expected at the start of the season. I'm aiming for a short summation of each side, so don't expect a... Continue Reading →

Huracán welcome back a legend

Following the resignation of Héctor Rivoira from the Huracán bench on Monday, the Parque Patricios club have moved swiftly to find a replacement. They announced on Monday that they'd given a contract to Miguel Ángel Brindisi, just over eight years after his last match in charge of El Globo. The 20th September was club president... Continue Reading →

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