Grondona wades in on relegation fight as Quilmes & Olimpo managers get angry

If Saturday wasn't already going to be a maddening enough day for fans of all the clubs involved in the relegation dogfight in Argentina, events on Friday made sure it would become just a little more nail-biting for fans of two clubs in particular. They were, of course, the two clubs in the fight who... Continue Reading →

Apertura 2010: Vélez retake the lead, and Independiente finally win

Independiente's caretaker manager Rivardo Pavoni celebrated the team's first win of the season on Friday evening thanks to Leonel Galeano's 27th minute goal which consigned Gimnasia La Plata to defeat. El Rojo won 1-0 in the Doble Visera to give their fans something to look forward to next week, when the new manager will be... Continue Reading →

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