Why I’ve not updated HEGS for ages, and how that should change soon

Regular and long-term readers of HEGS will have noticed, I hope, that this blog hasn't been updated for a month and a half, and that it's been a long time before that since I last really wrote anything on it, rather than just posting goal videos. I want to explain why that is (beyond the fact... Continue Reading →

The 2011 Torneo Apertura is here!

Hasta El Gol Siempre is back, ladies and gents. I apologise for the long absence of any posts on here since the Copa América final, but I've been just as busy working as I was during the Copa itself, if not more (more of that in a short while), and it's been quite pleasant in some... Continue Reading →

Argentine football: how to watch

With the Torneo Clausura getting underway on Friday evening, and the 2011 Copa Libertadores about to get serious, I thought I'd write a post outlining something which, if you're a HEGS reader, is absolutely certain to be of interest to you. It's all very well reading about Argentine football, after all, but for many, mere... Continue Reading →

A service announcement

On Tuesday, I'm heading back to Buenos Aires, and that means packing, and loose ends to tie up in England, and getting to see people again when I get off the plane on Wednesday. As such, HEGS will be unlikely to be updated for a few days. Bear with me, and I'll be back and... Continue Reading →

New Year Honours

Happy new year to all HEGS readers! 2011 has now arrived in England. I'll be back to posting regularly before long, don't worry. At the start of 2011, though (this post will show up as having been published on the 31st December 2010, because I've kept my timezone as Buenos Aires for the six weeks... Continue Reading →

Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas to all those HEGS readers who celebrate it! Whether you did it on Friday night in true Hispanophone style, or are celebrating on the 25th with me, I hope you have a good one. HEGS will be back after the celebrations have died down a bit...

Hand Of Pod is now on iTunes

A brief announcement: Hand Of Pod, the podcast I'll from now on be regularly producing, also featuring Dan Colasimone of Argentina Football World and Dan Edwards of Goal, is now available on iTunes. We've already had comfortably upwards of 200 listeners to the first episode, so if you want to get in on the ground... Continue Reading →

All the ups and downs

As I've done in every year of HEGS' existence, always at great inconvenience to myself (seriously, you wouldn't believe how long it takes to pull this information together for such a short post) you'll find here the only single page on the whole internet (I think) with all of Argentina's promotions and relegations, across every... Continue Reading →

It’s finally here

The 2010 World Cup has, at long last, landed in South Africa. Argentina's first match, against Nigeria, kicks off at 11am Argentine time on Saturday, and you can read the first of two previews of Argentine hopes and fears for the tournament to come here on ESPN Soccernet right now. Throughout Argentina's stay in the tournament,... Continue Reading →

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